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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Machine Embroidery Free Standing Lace Angels

I fell head over heals for these beautiful free standing lace angels from Sonia Showalter Designs.  Sonia does some amazing work with her designs. 

I made these angels for the ladies I craft with.  Each has their initial in the angel's gown.  Every week the ladies and I get together to knit, crochet or do other hand work such as hand quilting.  All are Christian women and it is a special time in my week to spend time with them and it gets my creative juices flowing.  They are angels in my life.  (We also manage to solve all the world's problems as we chatter and create!)

The designs are free standing lace in which I hooped water soluble stabilizer.  I washed the stabilizer out only enough to remove it from the small openings, but not so much that I let the designs go limp.  Some stabilizer remains to give stiffness to the angels.  I glued a piece of ribbon to the back side of the design, tied on a bow and finished by gluing a small red rhinestone to the bow. 

I slipped each one into their Christmas card. 
The angels can be used as a Christmas ornament or even a bookmark.
If you get a chance, send me a comment and let me know what you created as Christmas gifts this year.  Also, if you have a blog in which you show your machine embroidery, I'd love to see what you are working on.
Christmas Blessings,


  1. Nancy these are awesome! What lucky angels you have..
    please keep sharing.

    1. Thank you Kate! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!~Nancy


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