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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Halloween Machine Embroidery Inspiration

Dear Friends,
As you know, I'm sitting quietly in our hotel room here at the extended stay hotel.  T-Minus 14 days and counting now!  I also want to say a thank you to those of you who have e-mailed me with words of encouragement that this time will pass quickly.  I do know you are right and to have you send such sweet words means the world to me.  Thank you!!!

As I wait patiently, I thought I'd share some fun Halloween Machine Embroidery Inspiration that I found while surfing around Etsy.  Now please note, I know some of you don't celebrate Halloween so in no way am I wanting to offend anyone.  That is never my intent.  Just take a look at the finished work and through it you might receive some creative inspiration while you are in the thick of your fall stitching and getting ready for those fall craft shows.  Please note some of these are for the finished items you see in the pictures and some of these are for the embroidery designs only.  Sources for these are located below each photo.
I just think this is such an elegant fall coaster set.  It is completely done in-the-hoop.  The monogram letters are not included so be sure to note that.  I'm thinking a set of these would be great for a housewarming gift or for someone who picks up your mail when you go on vacation.

Another fun embroidery design.  Again note as with the one above, this too does not contain the alphabet.  I like the gathered ribbon used to create this pumpkin and think this would look great on a pillow.  It is done in the 5 x 7 hoop.

Doesn't every mommy think their child is the cutest pumpkin in the patch?  :-)   This is for the finished shirt.

This is another fun in-the-hoop embroidery design.  Sew Cha Cha has several other designs to hold candy as well.  Here it looks like she topped the candy with clear vinyl but I also think sheer orange organza or tulle would look great too.  Love the bow made out of black netting!

This is for the finished basket.  How fun to use to hold Halloween candy or how about setting it by your chair to hold your current sewing project.  She has a number of other beautiful totes for sale as well.

Cute candy corn bag.  Make several of these and place in a bowl or how about hanging them on a tree branch with fall leaves and a black crow!  Children will love this.

I think this outfit is adorable!  I just love the little cheer leading style skirt with all the matching fabric insets.  This is for the finished outfit and be sure to take note of the orange rick-rack at the bottom of the skirt.  Super cute!

Another design I absolutely love.  Once again, take note that the lettering is not included.  Other examples are shown of putting a name in the split design.  Personally, I'm quite fond of "Happy Fall Y'all" and I'd hang this hand towel in my kitchen just like it is.
So what fall and Halloween projects are you all working on these days?  Shoot me a picture and a link of your project and if there is enough interest, I'll compile the pictures into another post and send my readers your direction.
Embroidery Blessings,

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Embroidery Machine Blues

Dear Friends,
I'm sitting here in our extended stay hotel with not much more than my computer and I'm having some serious sewing and embroidery withdrawal.  I really am!

Everything with the move is seemingly flowing smoothly.  The bank loan has come through and we are set to close in a couple of weeks.  We're set to take possession of the house October 11th and our furniture is scheduled to arrive that day and that means my sewing/embroidery machine will be there too!

As you can imagine though, it will take some time to unpack and get settled.  I can't wait!!!

Here is a little sneak peek of the future headquarters of Embroidery It.  These pics were taken while house hunting so it's not my furniture you see here.  It is a small guest room in the basement with a closet and the room includes a nice pretty window.  Those blank walls will be filled with shelves and cabinets and I'll place my desk with sewing machine in front of the window so I can look out.

Now back to hotel living.  Unless I just really need a vehicle, Tim drives himself to school and Mike drives to work which means most days I'm car-less.  While here, in order to pass the time, I have been doing lots of reading.  Also, Michael's craft store is a 5 minute walk and JoAnn's Fabrics is a 10 minute walk from the hotel.  I go to one or the other several times a week just to get out and about.  One day I even went to JoAnn's twice in one day.  I bet I can find things and know those two stores better than some of the employees. :-)  Yes, it is potentially dangerous for me to live so close to craft stores!

I have bought various crafting magazines as well as I bought a small amount of felt, fabric, beads and embroidery thread and I'm trying to make some Christmas ornaments by hand.  (It just makes me miss my sewing machine even more)

The other thing is that I've been giving a lot of consideration is to where I want to take Embroidery It.  I've been writing down goals and thoughts and if you are not too bored already, here is a bit of what I have been dreaming of.  Basically come 2014, I am ready to move it just beyond the hobby stage yet still have plenty of time for my family.

Fall 2013 - October, November and December
   1.  Get moved and settled into our new home.
   2.  Become familiar with the local art/craft shows and venues.
   3.  Prepare our own home and activities for the fall and winter holidays.

Winter 2014 - January, February and March
   1.  Start embroidery production to prepare for craft shows.
   2.  Open Etsy Shop and begin selling here on this site.
   3.  Focus on learning my Generations digitizing software

Spring 2014 - April, May and June
   1.  Continue with embroidery production, Etsy shop and digitizing.
   2.  Have digitizing for sale.  I've got to figure out how that whole instant download thing works.
   3.  Do one or two spring craft shows.  This will enable me to get my booth figured out before fall as well as packaging and taking orders down pat.  It will help me get all the kinks out before the fall craft season begins.

Summer 2014 - July, August and September
   1.  Focus of family summer fun.
   2.  Continue embroidery production and Etsy shop.
   3.  Continue digitizing.

Fall 2014 - October, November and December
   1.  Continue embroidery production and Etsy shop.
   2.  Focus on craft shows and boutiques.
   3.  Focus on family activities during fall and winter holidays.

The one thing about the Midwest is that there certainly a lot of craft fairs and events which means plenty of venues to sell finished work.  I'm not sure if I want to focus more on completed projects or do custom orders.  I'll figure that out during the first year.  I'm also wondering if I will want to do more sewing or embroidery or a combination of the two.  I'm guessing things may go in waves where some times I feel more like sewing and other times more like embroidering.  Now I'm just rambling so I'm going to bring this to a close.

Sending each of you Love and Embroidery Blessings,

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Attention All Friends, Especially Michigan Friends

Dear Friends,
Yes, as you read in the last post, we are moving from New Mexico to Michigan.  This is a huge move for us.  We're currently at an extended stay hotel for about 6 weeks now while we wait to close on our new home scheduled for October 11th.  I can't begin to tell you how excited I am.  Being born and raised in Kansas, moving to the mid-west is wonderful. 

Since I don't have my embroidery machine in the hotel with me, I will be pretty quiet on this blog for a while.  I also know it will take time for me to get settled in our new home and then come the holidays.  I'll post here when I move in and get my machine.  I'm already getting the itch to stitch!!!

And for those of you living in Michigan, I'd love to hear about the fun things to see and do in this part of the country.  I'm really looking forward to going to the craft shows and fall festivals that I'm sure are just around the corner as well as any sewing or embroidery events and classes that I could attend.

With hugs and blessings,
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