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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Machine Embroidery with Mylar and Free Standing Lace

Dear Friends,
Remember the snowflakes I was making for the children at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT?  Well, today I want to share with you what I did to create them.

First I started off with a great free standing lace machine embroidery file from Lindee G. Embroidery.
These designs are all done with ONE color thread.  I used a slight off white.  The secret to the color and bling  is this!  Mylar tissue wrap.
Now you know my secret.  And an even better secret I'm going to share with you is this...
I got it at the Dollar Tree.  There are three sheets of mylar tissue in each package and each package is only $1.  Can't beat that!

As the design stitches out, on water soluble stabilizer, it starts in the center which is where I placed the mylar.  Just keep an eye on your machine and stop it as it gets ready to stitch the outer row of hearts.  Cut the thread and remove the hoop from the machine, but don't unhoop the stabilizer.  Gently tear the mylar to remove the excess.  I also removed the mylar from the center star area.  It tears easily but still, you don't want to pull your stitches. 
Then just put the hoop back on the machine and continue stitching the remainder of the design.
HERE is a link back to the post that gives the address where you can send your snowflakes.
My prayers continue to be with the families who lost their loved ones in this tragic event.  My heart breaks as I think of you and your struggles.  I hope you somehow know I care.
With love and blessings to my sweet embroidery family readers,


  1. I'm hearing while Dollar Store "mylar" holds up for a little while, it breaks down pretty rapidly upon washing it. Could you please do a test of two sheets, one from Dollar Store and one actually called Mylar, wash the items identically and let us know your result? Thanks!

  2. they are beautiul and really don't need washing if they are used as an ornament. Nice work!!


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