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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Machine Embroidery Free Standing Lace Doily

Good Morning Friends,
I had a very special weekend.  I was fortunate to get to go to Kansas to visit my parents.  Katie, who is in the Air Force drove up from Oklahoma City to be with us as well.  It was so nice and a blessing to see family!!
I made this very sweet free standing lace doily for my mother.  The pattern for it came from Pixies Rule.  It is from their "Lace Coaster" set.  I'm quite fond of free standing lace and thought this set was so pretty.

Sweet hubby needed some cross country hours and since I was wanting to visit my parents he flew us and I got to play co-pilot.  Just thought you might enjoy a few pics.

Embroidery blessings to all of you!


  1. Have a lovely weekend ahead the machine embroidery lace doily you have made is so good n beautiful

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