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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Embroidery It Forward Strong Goals Update

Dear Friends,
You may remember my post from January 1st this year (you can find it HERE).  I have been reviewing my goals monthly in my journal but wanted to give you an update in this post now that we are a third of the way through the year.  By posting on my blog it just helps me be more accountable.

FORWARD has been my word for the year with the word STRONG as it's modifier.  After having a difficult 2013, God has been using the word Forward to get me moving and on track.  Just like Moses leading the Israelites out of the desert to the promised land.  Unlike them, I have been trying hard to listen to God's word and obey His commands.  I don't want to take 40 years like they did.  Smiles

So I will quickly review my goals with their update written in red.  I have changed some goals along the way as I've felt the need.  As I mentioned in my other post, these goals are fluid and can be changed.  I'm ok with that.

Family Goals
  • Spend quality time with family when they are home.  Say 'yes' to family games and movies. YES - Doing this.
  • Visit Katie and Emily twice a year Visited Katie before she left for Kuwait.  Will see Emily this summer
Home Goals
  • Remove paper from the home and keep remaining paper organized (#1 goal and more on this below)  Making progress
  • Tidy home daily  Yes, for the most part
  • Clean home weekly Yes, for the most part
  • Grocery shop one time a week- instead of several times a week I have been getting better and better at this and have been doing it well over the past 6 weeks.
  • Menu plan weekly Ugh, No - I need to do this
  • Go to bed with a clean kitchen About 50% of the time
Spiritual Life Goals
  • Continue habits of Daily Audio Bible and weekly adoration in addition to Sunday church YES
  • Become actively involved in the women's group at church Not yet but plan to. I have been attending another activity that conflicts with the date and time the women's group meets.
  • Read St. Faustina's Diary No
  • Attend a women's retreat like Captivating No
  • Notice God's blessings daily Yes and I've started journaling about God's blessings
Finance Goals
  • Pay bills every Thursday No, they get paid, just not on the schedule I'd like for them to.
  • Pause before making purchases Yes
  • Balance checkbook and reconcile credit card statements monthly No
Friendship Goals
  • Become actively involved in the women's group at church Not yet, see above
  • Join Crafters with a Cause Not yet but plan to this summer
  • Maintain monthly contact with friends from New Mexico and other locations we've lived YES
  • Grow online friendships on this blog Yes!!!
Creativity Goals
  • Take one art class or attend a quilt guild meeting - monthly  I did for only a couple of months.  Going to Michigan Embroiderers Spring Fest in May.  I take online digitizing classes weekly.
  • Learn a new craft I took a quilting class
  • Learn to digitize embroidery designs  Yes!!!
Knowledge Goals
  • Learn a new craft  Took a quilting class
  • Learn to digitize embroidery designs  Yes!!!
  • Learn to set up a true website  Currently in the process of doing this
Business Goals
  • Follow written business plan and get my business up and running (stop talking and start doing here) YES! One other thing I have been doing is attending GROW, Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women, and through it I have been learning all the in's and out's of running a business in  Michigan.  My business has started as you  know I've been getting my designs up at Embroidery Ranch and sales have started trickling in.  BIG Smiles!  Also starting in May I am taking an online business class geared specifically for crafters selling their work.
  • Create a true website Currently in the process of doing.  I need to focus more though on really getting it up and running.
  • Learn to digitize embroidery designs  YES!!!
  • Blog 2  times a week  No but I strive to do this.  I've been focusing more on digitizing.
  • Listen to Entrepreneur on Fire  Sporadic
  • Develop a newsletter  Not yet
  • Create a contact list  Not yet

Personal Goals
  • Clean eating  Working hard at this.  Still like candy too much.
  • 10,000 steps a day  About 50% of the time
  • Classical stretch daily  About 5% of the time
  • weekly creative time  Most weeks
  • New Personal Goal - Lose 20 pounds - Those pounds are stuck to me like glue.
Community and World goals
  • Choose a cause to support  Plan to join Crafters with a Cause this summer
  • Blog  Yes, but would like to more often
  • YouTube videos  I have not made any new videos this year
  • Women's group at church  Not yet but plan to
My all time #1 focus goal this year is to get the paper out of the house.  I mean ALL paper. Working at this.  I have made some strides in this.  I know of course that I cannot get ALL paper out, but working to make sure that all paper here in the home has a place.  It honestly feels better not having so much paper around.

Finally, I wrote in my journal earlier this year that it is all about LOVE.  God is Love.  Jesus commands us to Love one another.  "Faith, Hope and Love, but the greatest of these is Love."  Nothing else truly matters than Love when you look at the great big picture of things.  I try to keep that focus in everything I do, for my family, home business, self, etc.  Sometimes I'm not sure how to show love in my business.  Quite honestly that has been a conflict for me.  What I will say is that if you ever need a prayer, send me an e-mail and I will pray for/with you.

So, I keep reviewing these goals and reminding myself of them.  I'm pretty happy with myself that I've accomplished what I have so far.  My business goals are what I've moved forward with the most.  I have learned so much in that area and it is where I can see the greatest strides being made.  When I see the goals that I need to work on, I remember my words of Forward Strong and I try to keep those goals at the front of my thoughts.

Hugs and Blessings to each and every one of you,

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